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Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have changed their coronavirus tune in a big way

Fox News personality Sean Hannity, an ally and informal adviser to President Trump, visiting the White House briefing room.   What a difference a few days, and a few thousand coronavirus cases in the U.S., make. On Fox News in recent weeks, downplaying the outbreak was all the rage. Pete Hegseth said “the more I learn about this, the less there is to worry about.” Jeanine Pirro said the mainstream-media “doesn’t reflect reality.” Ashley Earhardt claimed “it’s actually the safest time to fly.” Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham talked about the press as “panic pushers” stirring up “mass hysteria.” And perhaps the most glaring of all came from Trish Regan over on Fox Business, who accused the “liberal media” of using the coronavirus “to impeach the president . Her monologue may have cost her the job, though she chalked it up to Fox’s “ prioritizing its coverage during market hours .” The tone has clearly shifted among the notable ri

Top Best Wi-Fi Range Extenders 2020

Sick of your Netflix freezing and your Zoom crashing? Can’t get a signal in every room in your house? You need a WiFi Range Extender! But not any old device will do, you need the Best WiFi Range Extenders out there. We scoured the internet and tested the Best WiFi Range Extenders on the market.We tested the most popular WiFi Range Extenders on price, product quality, design, compatibility, speed & coverage. Here is our  Best WiFi Range Extenders 2020: Our Best Wifi Range Extenders: WiFiBlast Fed up with dark spots and “no Wifi corners” in your home? In this “always connected” era we all require a fast and stable Internet connection for our work, education and social media. There are multiple Best Wifi Range Extenderss available online but choosing the Best Wifi Range Extenders is difficult because they all look the same and claim to provide lightning-fast Internet speed.  To save you the trouble, we have tested out some top-notch Best Wifi Range Extenders to

Oximeter Blood Oxygen Sensor - 4x Blaux Oxi Level 50% Off

Oximeter Blood Oxygen Sensor - 4x Blaux Oxi Level  50% Off Features: Larger and Clearer LED Display More Fast, Accurate and Reliable Detection User-Friendly Design Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Hand hold pulse, convenient and easy to use. Small in volume, light in weight, portable to measure it anytime, anywhere. Two directions LED display,and automatic shutdown after 8 seconds when finger is removed saves batteries. Accurate determination of your pulse rate and saturation. Low power consumption,reliable accuracy and durability.

The latest WiFiBlast Bar is $30 off at WiFiBlast and FeDlan

   MIDLAND, Texas  -  Dec. 11, 2020  -  PRLog  -- WiFiBlast made a lot of improvements to the beloved WiFiBlast Bar when it introduced the latest model back in June. Now the wifi repeater is even more appealing as  WiFiBlast  and  FeDlan  knocked $30 off its starting price, dropping the  base model to $ 28.00 . This is the first time in nearly one month that it's been so low. Buy WiFiblast Bar at WiFiBlast - $28.00 Buy Wifiblast Bar at FeDlan - $28.00 The base wifi repeater includes a Wireless rate of 300Mbps and a frequency range of  2.4-2.4835 GHz . But an upgraded model, which runs on a Wireless rate of 300Mbps, 2.4GHz wireless network speeds and a High Gain Dual External Antennas for 360 Degree WiFi Covering Repeater, is also $35 off at  both   retailers . It’s a good sale to consider if you need a new wifi repeater, prefer wifiblast to other wifi repeater and don’t want to spend too much (the WiFiBlast Bar is the most affordable option, even when not on sale). It is compatible